Our Mission

OC3’s mission is to build a strong, vibrant City Center; to stimulate growth and community involvement and act as a catalyst for positive change.  OC3 will connect residents, businesses and visitors to enrich and enhance our community by establishing a place where new energy and traditional values meet.


Our Vision

The Oneida City Center Committee will focus on three primary components when working towards unlocking the potential of the Oneida City Center. These areas of focus are Awareness, Security and Beautification.

Awareness: OC3 will seek to inform Residents, Guests, Business Owners, Property Owners and Visitors of all that the City Center has to offer. This includes different programs, street space uses, events and grant opportunities; with the intent of disseminating important and helpful information to allow all to enjoy the City Center to its fullest potential.

Security: OC3 wants to promote safety in the City center and will see to do this by researching projects and programs that will help to promote the health and safety of all who visit, live, work and enjoy the Oneida City Center.

Beautification: OC3 wants to make the Oneida City Center a Beautiful place to live, work, visit and play. We want to promote, institute and implement projects and programs that will enhance an individual’s experience when spending time in the Oneida City Center.